Dear Colleagues!
On behalf of the Organizing Committee and the Swedish Papillomavirus Society, it is
my pleasure to welcome you to Malmö, Sweden for the 25th International
Papillomavirus Conference.

The International Papillomavirus Conference is the leading conference in the field, encompassing all areas of Papillomavirus research, from clinical vaccinology to molecular biology.

The conference is preceded by a pre-conference educational workshop that will respond to the increasing need of overview and education on papillomaviruses that is essential for promoting effective cancer preventive strategies. The workshop will be thematic, with the first day designed to be of particular relevance for policymakers and newcomers to the field, the second day targeting all professionals involved in screening and the third day targeting all professionals involved in HPV vaccination. Sunday 10th May will be devoted to vaccines. All conference participants are welcome to the preconference on vaccines in the morning and all pre-conference participants are welcome to the vaccine research session of the conference in the afternoon.

The main conference will have two parallel plenary sessions Monday 11th May - Thursday 14th May. All posters will be displayed throughout the conference (Sunday-Thursday), surrounding the exhibition area.

We look forward to an interesting and inspiring conference on the timely subject of papillomaviruses and hope to see you in Sweden in May 2009.

Joakim Dillner
Chairman of the Organizing Committee

Timely Subject - Nobel Prize on HPV
The laureate of the 2008 Nobel Prize in Medicine, professor Harald zur Hausen, is giving the Inauguration Lecture at the Opening ceremony of the 25th IPV Conference.

Invited plenary speakers include
Sjoerd H. van der Burg
Silvia Franceschi
Geoffrey Garnett
Harald zur Hausen
Martin Kast
Charles Lacey
Paul Lambert
Patrick Moore
Michelle Ozbun
Jorma Paavonen
Richard Roden
Mark Schiffman
John Schiller
Arne Stenlund
Thomas Zheng

Organizing committee
Joakim Dillner, chairman
Peter Bistoletti
Lena Dillner
Kristina Elfgren
Ola Forslund
Bengt Göran Hansson
Bodil Norrild
Stefan Schwartz
Marc Steben
Thomas Zheng